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Virginia is one of the most strategic states within the country, consisting of military installations, ship yards, tourist attractions, and colleges. This marvel is home to the Chesapeake Bay, Blue Ridge Mountains, and Appalachian. These geographical areas provide the state with a fresh forested and watered terrain for all to enjoy. The economy is mostly fueled by Local and Federal government sector jobs with private employers filling the gap to bring the un-employment rate under the national average. Virginia Beach is the most populated area and an amazing place to visit.

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Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is your resource to everything the city has to offer! You can research events, places to visit, arts, and culture. Find great places to shop, explore, and dine. Discover activities all across the great city and get access to the finest attractions. Plan and prepare for a great time with plenty of fun, smiles, and love. When you are done adventuring the outdoors you can sit down and watch a great movie.


This is your place to find everything about Richmond. The site offers links to locations all around the city. Residential services, community boards, tax information, and small business resources. Stay informed with alerts and public news postings.

Virginia has plenty of work: Virginia Workforce

The best selection when it comes to job openings, training opportunities, and research. Create a résumé and apply for jobs in the health care industry, automotive, and manufacturing. Search for specific job openings, workshops, and resources with hiring and government assistance. Virginia Workforce can provide excellent interviewing, negotiating salaries and evaluating job offers guidance.

  • Arlington

    City website that offers services, job links, residential resources and tourist information.

  • Chesapeake

    Local events and news from the area. Find resident services from building permits to town codes. Official city webpage Chesapeake

  • Travel Virginia

    This is the perfect site to use when planning a vacation to Virginia. Explore what the state has to offer and plan your next great experience in Virginia.

  • Virginia DOT

    Dept. of Transportation offers drivers road weather information, traffic incident management, roads and highways, transit, and resources that deal with everyday Virginia travel. VDOT

  • Roanoke

    The official Roanoke, VA site that offers everything to do with the city. Get residential information, business resources, permits, and event calendars.

  • Virginia History

    Learn about Virginia and its History. Everything you need to know about how Virginia was made into the great state it is today.


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